MCC Land Offered the Highest Bid for Canberra Link Land Parcel

5 July 2019

In the first week of July 2019, the company received a piece of good news. On 3 July, 2019 at the state tender at Sembawang for an EC site at Canberra Link, MCC Land obtained the top bid of $233.89 million out of the total eight bids. The project site has a land area of 16690 square meters and 2.3 plot ratio.

2019年下半年的第一周,中冶置业新加坡就迎来了一个振奋人心的好消息。 2019年7月3日,在坎贝拉连路执行共管公寓项目投标中,中冶置业新加坡以2亿3389万的价格取得了最高竞标价的好成绩, 该项目土地面积16690平方米,容积率2.3。

It is also commendable that our company’s bid exceeded the second highest bid by mere $0.95 per square feet, which demonstrated the company’s astute judgement and understanding of the market.


Picture from PropertyGuru

If we are awarded this project, the EC site at Canberra Link will become the company’s fifth site in the northern part of Singapore. As always, MCC Singapore will continue to fulfill our mission “Transforming Lives, Inspiring Society,” creating more beautiful homes for the urban city of Singapore.

如果此次得以中标,将是我公司在北部拿到的第五块土地,中冶新加坡将一如既往以 “创造无限生活” 为使命,努力打造精品公寓,共同建设新加坡美好花园。